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2015 Falerno del Massico - Primitivo cantine Papa

This is a red wine from Campania; it is made in the Caserta province produced by Papa a well known producer. It’s a Falerno del Massico wine ( the iconic wine from the Ancient Rome ) it’s made with the primitivo grape. The disciplinare of the Falerno del Massico doc allows the use of Aglianico or the Primitivo grapes. The color is a very dark ruby the core is not true to the rim with some bottle aging; but the wine has held very very well the 7 years. It has a high viscosity (17.5 % abv). The nose is impressive with notes of black berries, black Cherries and secondary notes of dark chocolate and licorice. The palate is an elegant full body wine with velvety tannins and long finish. In summary a very good wine to be paired with meat 🍖 or even with an heavy pizza ( as we did ). PM 90

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