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Platinetti Guido Ghemme Vigna Ronco Maso 2008

The wine is a Ghemme, a Nebbiolo (Spanna) from NorthWest of Piemonte. The wine is light red and garnet with some orange hue. It is clear and filtered with a medium viscosity (13% alcohol) which is typical given the much cooler climate and it is also 85% Nebbiolo. On the nose notes of black cherry, spices and roses. Some notes of oak, although in small percentage of new. On the palate a confirmation of the nose with marked acidity and tannins which indicates more aging potential. Overall a very good wine and good rep

Paolo Mittiga rated Platinetti Guido Ghemme Vigna Ronco Maso 2008 with 4.0 stars

The Vivino users rate this wine from Piemonte in Italy an average of 3.5 stars. You can get…

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