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2017 Azienda Agricola Tenuta San Francesco È Iss.

This is a red wine from the Campania region, from Tramonti. The producer is Tenuta San Francesco, we visited this producer multiple times and the last in May 2022. The wine is made from the grape Tintore an indigenous grape from the Tramonti area. It comes from

150 years old plants that were pre phylloxera. It is a dark ruby with a viscosity medium high (14% abv). The nose is superb and complex with notes of black berry wet leaves and graphite. We could spend time just to completely immerge ourselves in the bouquet. The palate confirms the nose with a perfectly smooth wine, full body and a very well balanced acidity that shows its presence. The persistence is high which leaves the wine lingering for a long time. In summary an excellent wine made by a very special grape a perfect pairing with grilled meats or salami and seasoned cheeses. PM 92


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