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Iovine -Lettere

The Lettere wine is part of the Sorrento Coast DOC. It is made with Piedirosso, the typical indigenous grape from Campania. The wine is medium bright red , is clear and filtered , it is a medium sparkling wine .. as you  pour it in the glass it clearly shows a deep mousse. The viscosity is medium ( 12.5% abv). On the nose a fruit forward wine with notes of fresh strawberries , raspberries. The palate shows a fizzy wine with a clear notes of strawberries and raspberry and low acidity balanced by the effervescence and very low tannins. The presence of sapidity is clear and the persitence is medium low.   It is a fun wine to pair with pizza or with any poultry or white meat dishes. Also perfect with pasta alla Bolognese or pesto sauce. 

PM : 88

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