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CA’VITI - Orvieto Classico Superiore 2016

This is a blend of Grechetto and Procanico.  It is a very good example of Orvieto Classico. It has a medium color , straw yellow and it is clear with a medium viscosity which points to a 13.5% abv. The nose has a set of aromas of moderate intensity with a profile which shows some age. The inviting notes of white flowers with white peaches mix perfectly with the refreshing aroma of lemon zest all wrapped in minerality. The palate enjoy yhe refreshing of crisp acidity a medium body and a finish of minerality with the harmonius components which linger for

3-4 seconds in your mouth. The fruit forwards of the wine is showed on the palate which confirms the nose with white peaches notes and lemon zest.

A very good Orvieto Classico Superiore which shows that this is the type of production ( Superiore) to seek to truly enjoy and Orvieto Wine. It could be drank as aperitif or paired with Salad or any shellfish dishes.

Enjoy it 

PM: 93

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