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Colli di Salerno- Passion Giuseppe Apicella

This is a passito sweet white dessert wine from the Tramonti subregion of the Amalfi Coast DOC in the Campania region.  This sweet wine is the result of collection of the best bunches of grapes Falanghina (Bianca Zita) and Biancolella. A patient work to dry naturally and a slow fermentation in small oak barrels give this wine an intense sweet flavor and velvety finish. The viscosity is medium

High (15.5% abv). The nose presents a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, orange zest , pine needle and Mediterranean pear syrup. The palate confirms the nose with a perfect sweetness  and a velvety and unctuous body. It is a great sweet wine which resembles a Sautern from France ( although it is not botrytized). It is a perfect pairing with goat cheese or with Italian pastry. Enjoy PM: 92

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