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Domain de Marrans Julienas 2016

This is a Beaujolais from Julienas. The winery is Domain de Marrans. We visited this winery during the trip through the Beaujolais area the n May 2019. See the blog dedicated to that visit. 

The wine is a light ruby, very young, it’s clear and filtered with a medium viscosity (13% abv). The nose is absolutely fabulous with notes of  cherries, cranberry and a strong earthiness ( mushrooms, wet leaves ). The palate confirms the nose with a medium body, very smooth tannins a medium high acidity. The components are in a perfect balanced. Very enjoyable wine from one of the Cru areas of Beaujolais. A perfect pairing with a Thanksgiving dinner ) they way I did it) ( Roasted Turkey or Chicken) or even with Salmon in white sauce. PM;93

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