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Aglianico Joe 2018 - Cantine Sorrentino

This is a red wine made from Aglianico ( the ubiquitous grape in Campania). It’s a wine from the foothills of Mt Vesuvius. The producer is Sorrentino. We visited this winery in July 2020. ( see the blog of the visit ). The color is a medium ruby, translucent. The viscosity is low (12.5% abv) which its low for an Aglianico based wine. The nose has a medium low intensity, it has notes of cherry and red currants, spicy ( white pepper ). The palate is disappointing, with a medium low body medium acidity and smooth tannins, the persistence is very low, the wine disappear quite quickly, it also shows an effervescence that shouldn’t be there. In summary an ok wine for the vintage we tasted, it needs food to be paired to, we tasted it with pizza ( it was a good pairing). PM:87


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