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Campania part-V The Amalfi Coast DOC white wines.

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

In the last blog we learned about the wines of Falanghina and Asprinio as varietal wines. However Falanghina is a blend partner in many other Campania's DOC white wines. The following ones, most of the time do not specify the blend proportions; but it is interesting to know what is in the bottle.

In Costa D'Amalfi DOC

you will always find a Falanghina and Biancolella blends. The Amalfi Coast has a particular attraction and they are their gorgeous views. Viticulture here is not "heroic" its miraculous.

The geographic configuration of the Amalfi Coast features a memorable setting. It runs alongside the sea with the trend of an antique piece of lace and soars towards the sky with its high mountains peaks. From the coast to the Lattari mountains, the streets and the terraces are built on small patches of land reclaimed from the rock. The small artificially turf rock built areas, were laboriously filled with soil by man. Here the establishment of vineyards from which DOC labeled selected wines are produced, under the name of Amalfi Coast, divided into three subzones: Furore, Ravello and Tramonti. Wide on average no more than five meters, the terraces have an irregular profile imposed by the anarchy of the rock. Each terraces hosts an average of four rows of vines aligned on geometrical laid out pergolas of chestnut poles.


The most recommended wines from this DOC , with a blend of Falanhima and Biancolella. are:


Marisa Cuomo produces some of the best Costa D'Amalfi DOC wines. They can come at a steep price especially for the Riserva. The White wine is a blend of Falanghina and Biancolella. It will cost in average $21 and could be found easily in the best wine store around US.

Pale straw yellow colour with greenish hues and a characteristic fruity aroma mixed with floral notes. Balanced flavour sustained by a slightly acidic note which enhances aromatic freshness.

Costa d’Amalfi Bianco is a white wine characterised by its pale yellow colour and the elegant scent of acacia, lemon verbena and aromatic herbs, with a final persistence who remind the toasted almond flavour. The wine emerges for its posed equilibrium and the vivid freshness of the taste. By not having the sub zone of Ravello, its grape can come from any area in the AMALFI Coast DOC. This would be a great less expensive choice, but yet still a great wine.

For this wine, the grapes are grown in the very altitude of Furore. (over 2000 ft- 650 m).

Dull straw yellow colour and delicate aroma of fruit, reminiscent of the unmistakable Mediterranean scents of the zone of origin. The flavour is pervasive and balanced, with a slight dominance of the acidic note supporting the freshness of the aromas.

Finally the Gran Cru of Marisa Cuomo. a Wine made from a special blend of extremely rare grapes.

This wine has a very steep price with an average of $60-100.

"These wines are drenched in history and suggestiveness, they are rare (only a few thousand bottles are made) and precious, and they can be rightfully included in the market niches appreciated particularly by those who love authentic wines, which have nothing to do with mass-produced concoctions readily available in every corner of the world."

Gianpaolo Girardi

Grape varieties: 30% Fenile, 30% Ginestra, 40% Ripoli

This wine is bright yellow with golden hues. The scent is reminiscent of apricots and broom flowers, with a hint of tropical fruit. The taste is smooth, dense and characterised by a considerable aromatic persistence of dried apricots, sultanas and candied fruit.


  • "Oscar 2006" Best Italian White

  • "Tre Bicchieri" Gambero Rosso

  • "Cinque Grappoli" AIS

  • Gold Medal at Selezione del Sindaco, Città del Vino

  • Silver Medal at Selezione del Sindaco, Città del Vino

  • Gold Medal at Femmes et Vins du Monde, France

  • Best of Class Award Limited Production, US

  • Special Mention at the International Oenology Competition, Vinitaly

  • Grand Gold Medal at the International Competition of Mountain Wines, Cervim

  • "Top 100" Club di Papillon

  • "Best 2012 white wine ", Gusto Cortina Wine & Food Festival Prize

Tenuta San Francesco

If you like to spend a great weekend on the Amalfi Coast (in Tramonti) in a Winery with a great Bed and Breakfast , the Tenuta San Francesco it is an excellent choice.

The Winery is owned by the Bove Family.

Tramonti - Costa D'Amalfi DOC White - made from Falanghina, Biancolella and some pepella another rare local grape.

The grapes come from the are cultivated "Heroically" between 1500 and 2000 ft. . Straw pale yellow in color and brilliant , with persistent floral notes and white stone fruits with aromatic erbes. On the palate marked acidity and a medium high body, with a long finish.

This can be considered the Gran Cru of the Tenuta San Francesco within their white wines offering.

Straw yellow with green highlights. Citrus notes with persistent floral notes and with herbs. On the palate clear notes, green apple, pear, and fresh cut grass with seductive minerality. With a long finish and excellent body.

The above wines are less expensive than Marisa Cuomo between $15-30 per bottle. Most likely not easy to find in any wine store in USA, given their relatively low production


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