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CLANDESTINO - Nature Costa D’Amalfi DOC

The wine is from Tenuta San Francesco in Tramonti. We visited this winery in September 2018. The wine is ruby in color with the rim not true to his core , showing bottle aging. The viscosity is low ( 12.5%abv). This is a 2014 vintage. The wine is a natural wine using wild yeast, is not filtered. The nose is very warm and inviting, strong notes of strawberries .. it’s like sniffing a basket of fresh strawberries together with notes of fresh raspberries as well. There is secondary notes of licorice. The palate confirms the nose, a very light body, refreshing with a medium acidity and a medium short finish. The wine taste disappears quickly. In summary a easy wine with no pretenses, a medium body and a medium acidity .. it can be enjoyed with any pasta dish, I used with a Carbonara pasta , but also with white meat dishes. To be used as an every day wine. PM:87


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