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Eremo di San Quirico 2018 by NATIV

Eremo di San Quirico 2018, crafted by NATIV, we visited this renowned Irpinia winery numerous time. This is a remarkable wine that epitomizes the winery's dedication to producing authentic expressions of Campanian terroir. It is made primarily by Aglianico grape.


In the glass, the Eremo di San Quirico 2018 exhibits a vibrant, deep garnet color, suggesting its concentration and maturity. Its brilliant hue is a testament to the wine's quality and meticulous winemaking. It has a high viscosity 15% abv.


On the nose, Eremo di San Quirico 2018 reveals an enticing bouquet that combines elegance and complexity. Lively red fruit aromas take the lead, with notes of ripe raspberry, juicy cherry, and succulent red currant. These vibrant fruit notes are complemented by hints of dried herbs, such as thyme and rosemary, which add an earthy and aromatic dimension to the wine. Subtle floral undertones, like violet, further enhance the olfactory experience and contribute to its remarkable bouquet.


The palate of Eremo di San Quirico 2018 is a testament to its winemaking artistry. With a medium-to-full body and well-integrated tannins, this wine offers a velvety and luxurious mouthfeel. The red fruit flavors transpire seamlessly from the nose to the palate, with ripe raspberry and cherry leading the way. A touch of blackberry adds depth and complexity. The wine's well-balanced acidity provides a refreshing lift and maintains a vibrant character. Delicate mineral undertones further contribute to the wine's complexity, while a subtle hint of spice lingers in the background, providing a harmonious finish.


Eremo di San Quirico 2018 boasts a long and fulfilling finish, leaving a lasting impression. The fruit flavors gracefully evolve, intertwined with subtle herbal notes and a touch of dark chocolate. This culmination of flavors gradually fades, concluding with a graceful and memorable finale.

Overall, Eremo di San Quirico 2018 stands as a captivating wine that exemplifies the essence of Campanian viticulture and NATIV's commitment to producing exceptional expressions. Its enticing aromas, elegant palate, and lingering finish make it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking an authentic and well-structured Italian red wine. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with gourmet cuisine, Eremo di San Quirico 2018 promises a remarkable sensory experience. We paired it with a delicious Lasagna dish. PM 92

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