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Etna Alicant 2015 - Gambino

This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz from Sicily. It’s from the Gambino producer that we visited in March 2019. The winery is on the slopes of Mt Etna. The wine is dark ruby in color turning into garnet and with the core not true to the rim given the bottle aging. This aging allowed the wine to still have room of improvement and reached a good complexity. The viscosity is medium (13.5% abv), it’s clear and filtered. The nose is absolutely intriguing with black fruits ( black cherry and black currant), spice of black pepper and note of cedar wood some hints of tobacco as well as the wine ages and gain structure and complexity. The palate confirms the nose with ample body and perfectly balanced tannins and acidity and a medium persistence. In summary a good wine for an every day drinking , a good representation of Cab and Shiraz. A perfect match for any meat dish or risotto with mushrooms and anything earthy. PM: 88


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