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Falanghina 2018 - Iovine

This is a white wine from the Campania region. The producer is Iovine near Gragnano in the Sorrento Coast appellation. We visited this producer multiple times. The wine is light yellow straw with some golden highlight. translucent ,the viscosity is quite high for a white wine (13.5% abv). The nose is truly intriguing with floral notes of acacia and jasmine and notes of ripe white peaches. The aromas are intense, Inviting. The palate is complex and structured with spices notes , a full body , a perfectly balanced acidity and a long persistence. In summery an excellent Falanghina from Iovine. A hit summer 2018 has brought the grapes to a perfect ripeness ( this justify the high alcohol content). A perfect pairing with any local fresh fish dish But also as refreshing aperitif ? although the high alcohol content would require some doss to go with it. PM 92


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