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Furore 2015 - Marisa Cuomo

This is a white wine from the Amalfi Coast produced by Marisa Chomo an iconic producer in the coast. It’s a blend of Biancolella and Falanghina .. we visited this winery in the summer 2018. The Amalfi Coast has three Geographical sub division .. Furore , Ravello and Tramonti. This is a Furore ...the wine is a deep yellow straw with golden highiglights with a medium

High viscosity (13.5% abv) quite high for a white wine. The nose is intriguing and complex with primary notes of candied fruit ( orange peel ) and golden delicious apple and hint of tropical fruits, hazelnut as tertiary notes. The palate confirms the nose with low acidity and an unctuous body and a strong minerality .. you can almost taste sea water in the glass and a medium long persistence ... hazelnut hazelnut .. it feels to linger in your mouth. The perfect pairing with fish fish fish .. ( we paired it with a traditional Neapolitan New Year’s Eve dinner .. to celebrate the incoming 2021. Happy new year .. PM ;90


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