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Giancarlo Ceci : Castel del Monte Bombino Bianco Panascio 2020

This is a white wine made from the Bombino grape a indigenous grape from Apulia. The producer is Giancarlo Ceci in Castel del Monte which we visited in February 2022. The wine is a pale yellow straw with green highlights , the viscosity is medium low (12% abv). The nose is truly inviting with notes of pineapple and jasmine which invite to taste it. The palate shows a wine with exceptional minerality and sapidity with a medium body and a long persistence and a perfectly refreshing acidity. In summary a very good refreshing white wine to be drank chilled and to be paired with any shellfish or with a grilled seafood as we did. It can be enjoyed also as aperitif on a warm summer night. PM 89


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