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Giuseppe Apicella winery 2024 visit

During our recent visit to the charming winery of Giuseppe Apicella in Tramonti, we were warmly greeted by Giuseppe’s daughter.

This was not our first time visiting this winery, as we have been fortunate enough to experience their hospitality on multiple occasions over the years.

One interesting fact we learned in one of the first visits was that Prisco ( Giuseppe’s son ) is actually the one who discovered the indigenous grape variety known as “Tintore”. This grape has since become a staple in the production of red wines in the region, Apicella’s winery has one standout wine being the renowned “La Scippata”. This full-bodied red wine boasts a rich flavor profile of ripe red fruits like cherries and raspberries, complemented by floral notes of violet and lavender. Subtle hints of spices such as black pepper and clove add layers of complexity to its aroma.

In addition to the exceptional red wines, the winery also produces a selection of outstanding white wines from the Tramonti Doc and Costa d’Amalfi DOC. These white wines are typically blends of Falanghina, Peppella, Biancolella, and other local grape varieties, offering a refreshing and unique taste experience.

As we strolled through the vineyards surrounding the winery, we observed the traditional Pergola training system, where grapevines are trained to grow 6-7 feet above the ground. This method harkens back to a time when other crops were cultivated underneath the grapevines in a practice known as “coltivazione promiscua”. The vineyards boast stunning views of the mountains and are largely pre-phylloxera, meaning they are grown on their original rootstocks.

Overall, our visit to Giuseppe Apicella Winery was a truly memorable experience again, showcasing the beauty and quality of the wines produced in this picturesque region. The vineyards, the wines, and the warm hospitality of Prisco and his family all contributed to a day that far exceeded our expectations. It's a truly special place that simply cannot be captured in photos alone.


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