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Grosso Agostano 2015 - Garofoli

This is a red wine made from the grape Montepulciano in the Marche region in Italy. It’s from the Conero area also know and the elbow of Italy. We visited this winery in May 2019. ( see the blog related to this visit ), Garofoli is one of the largest producers in the area.

The color is dark ruby with the core not true to the rim, the wine has aged 5 years. The viscosity is medium high (14.5% abv). The nose is truly inviting with notes of blackberry, black cherry and thertiary notes of dark chocolate. The palate confirms the nose with a well structured wine with a medium high body, smooth tannins and a perfectly balanced acidity with a very long persistence. Every glass invites for more.

In summary a truly exceptional wine for a not well known region that needs to be discovered. It’s a perfect pairing with a juicy steak ( as we tasted it) but given the body and the opulence it’s perfect as meditation wine. PM:93


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