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Micciano Bianco 2018 - Iovine

This is a blend Falanghina and Greco from the Iovine family vineyard Miccian. We have visited this winery few times, last time on May 2020. The wine is yellow straw with golden highlights and a medium viscosity (13% abv). The nose is very exciting and complex with floral notes of jasmine , tropical fruits ( pineapple, mango), white peach .. and a time of Vanilla due to the oak aging. The palate is refreshing with a good and balanced acidity and medium medium, a long persistence .. a strong minerality and bitter finish. In summary a good wine, for everyday consumption and a perfect pairing with any fish dish .. we tasted with fusilli allo scoglio ( with shell fish ) but it can be enjoyed as aperitif .. given its inviting floral notes.


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