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Rubesco Torgiano 2013 Lungarotti

This is a red wine from Umbria. We visited this winery in 2018. It’s one of the iconic winery in the region. They forge excellent Sangiovese based wines. This wine is a blend of 10% colorino graoe and 90% Sangiovese.

“Rubesco” is a brand of fantasy, deriving from the Latin verb rubescere, blush, a therefore joyful meaning. The Label: bas-relief depicting the harvest, detail of the Fontana Maggiore di Perugia, the most beautiful piazza fountain of the thirteenth century. The wine is a deep ruby color with a clear bottle aged characteristic being the rim not true to the core. The viscosity is medium him 13.5% abv. The nose is inviting with notes of red fruit like cherry and cherry jam, licorice, also floreal nites of violet wet leaves and finally spices ( black pepper ).

The palate is also inviting with a medium body a marked acidity and soft tannins and a medium finish. Although a Sangiovese based wine it has its own terroir characteristics being Umbria a much cooler region than Tuscany, land locked and away from the mitigating influence of the sea. The wine therefore has a much higher acidity than a Tuscany based wine. Given its acidity its a perfect pairing with seasoned cheeses, meat dishes, included pastas. PM 90

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