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Sogno di Volpe : cantine Ariano 2020

This is a white wine from the winery Ariano. We visited this winery in July 2021 during the trip through Apulia. The producer is well known for producing organic wines.

See the blog related to the this visit. The wine of made from the grape Bombino Bianco which is wide spread in the region.

the wine is deep straw Yellow with golden highlights The viscosity is medium 13% abv. The nose is very intriguing with floral notes of jasmine, stone fruits ( white peaches ) and lemon zest. The palate confirms the nose with a perfectly balanced acidity and a medium body a medium persistence. In summary a very refreshing wine, very enjoyable. it can be drank as aperitif or can be paired with any raw fish appetizer or pasta with fish based sauce. PM: 88


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