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Suadens Rosso 2020 Nativ

Suadens by Nativ 2020 Campania IGT is a distinguished red wine that encapsulates the essence of the Campania region in Italy. Crafted by the renowned winery Nativ, this wine is a true representation of their commitment to producing exceptional and expressive wines. We visited this winery numerous time and we always enjoy their hospitality. Owes its name to its persuasive character. It is a project aimed at enhancing the native vines of Irpinia, but also of the typical local fruit, grown exclusively in this area. Suadens Rosso is born from a blend of Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso, ancient and noble grapes that have always been present on the hills of Irpinia.

The 2020 vintage of Suadens exhibits a deep ruby hue that hints at the intensity and concentration held within the bottle. The viscosity is medium high 14% abv.

The aroma is captivating, offering a bouquet of ripe red and black fruits, including cherries, plums, and berries. This fruity core is complemented by subtle notes of vanilla, oak, and a delicate trace of spice, creating a multi-layered olfactory experience.

On the palate, Suadens unveils a graceful interplay between the luscious fruit flavors and well-integrated oak influences. The result is a harmonious and balanced profile that showcases the winemaker's skillful artistry. The tannins are refined, contributing to a velvety texture that adds to the wine's overall elegance.

Suadens 2020 Campania IGT has the potential for both immediate enjoyment and graceful aging. Its vibrant acidity and structured framework promise evolution over time, rewarding those who choose to cellar it.

With a lingering finish that resonates with the flavors and aromas experienced on the palate, Suadens by Nativ 2020 Campania IGT stands as a testament to the unique terroir of Campania and the winemaking expertise of Nativ. It's a wine that captures the essence of the region and invites enthusiasts to savor its complexity, character, and the stories it holds within each sip. PM 91

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