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Furore 2017 A.Sammarco

This is a white wine from the Amalfi Cost DOC ( in one of the three subzones : Furore). Furore it is the beautiful part of the Amalfi Coast with the well known Fiordo di Furore. The vineyards are the ones which requires “heroic harvest” given the terraces cultivated high on the Monte Lattari overlooking the beautiful water. This is produced by some ne of the few producer in the area. A. Sammarco. It’s a blend of Falanghina e Biancolella the typical white grapes of the area. The wine is pale yellow straw and a medium viscosity (12.5% abv) which point to a refreshing wine . The nose shows floral notes of white flowers, white peaches and watermelon with an hint of green apple. The palate confirms the nose with a medium body wine.. vith a refreshing acidity well balanced with the aromatics of the wine. The finish is medium high and lives you with wanting more. A good refreshing wine with a great floral notes and very fruitforwatd , no oak . Perfect as aperitif or with any simple light fish food. PM: 90

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