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You are Entering the Magical Universe of Wine.


We are an International Wine Event planning company. This is the USA site with US based only  Events.


With Headquarters in Naples (IT) and in Wyckoff (NJ,USA)  we are positioned to help clients in either Italy or in the United States.


We worked very closely with Club Malta and the Associazione Italiana Sommelier


The Wine Voyager Services

The Wine Voyager provides multiple services in the wine industry.

  1. Education,

  2. Wine Tasting Party 

  3. Regional Dinner/Wine Pairing Event

Why a Wine Event?

If you answer No to the following questions and you enjoy a fun  night with new or old friends, a Wine Event is just for you.

Do you feel comfortable choosing the right wine for dinner from a very good wine list? Do you know the different nuances between a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon and why?

Did you know that Cabernet Sauvignon takes its name from being the crossing between "Cabernet" Franc and "Sauvignon" Blanc. Setting its origins in France.

Do you know what Phylloxera is? Do you know how to properly taste a wine and gather the data which will indicate you the type of wine, its aromas and its potential faults?

The knowledge about wine touches upon History, Geography, Socio-economic drivers, languages (the proper pronunciation of wines and grapes from all different countries) ; making it an all around experience.

In addition to the knowledge acquired , the events provide a great opportunity to socialize in an fun environment and allow people to share their feedbacks and impressions  on what they have learned. After all,  the wine tasting and the wine appreciation is a truly personal experience and the aromas and nuances experienced are subjective rather than objective. 

We are very proud to offer that know how, with our passion on the topic and our long experience. 


Wine Tasting Party

Themed Dinners with Wine Pairing

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us to discuss , for an estimate and to make a reservation.

The Services


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The Team
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