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Cunto - cantine Alois 2013

The wine is made from Pallagrello Nero grape .. an indigenous Campania region grape from the Caserta Province. The producer is Alois a gorgeous winery which we visited in August 2018. The wine is a dark ruby in color with the core not true to the rim ( a bottle aging of 7 years ) the viscosity is medium ( 13% abv). The nose shows notes of black fruits, blackberries and black currant and secondary notes of licorice. The palate confirms the nose with a medium body, still harsh tannins and a marked acidity a medium persistence. In summary an every day wine with harsh tannins and acidity even after 7 years of aging, a good pairing with a meat dish ( as we attested, paired with a small steak) and hard cheeses. PM: 88

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