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Duvanera 2016- Gambino

This is a red wine from the Etna region in Sicily. It’s produced by Gambino that we visited on March 2019. The Gambino winery it’s a gorgeous winery located high on Mount Etna. However this wine is made from Nero D’Avola which is more indigenous to the Noto area near Siracusa in the south East of Sicily. The wine is dark ruby in color with a medium high viscosity( 13.5% abv). The nose is truly invitating and sensual with notes of plums, black cherry and spices ( the wine is aged in barrel d’Or a few months ) and tertiary notes of chocolate . The palate is absolutely harmonious with a medium body, a velvety tannins and a perfectly balanced acidity and a long persistence. In summary a truly great representation of Nero D’Avola. The wine is harmonious and velvety with a long persistence and a great pairing with meat dishes , even white meats like chicken or Turkey. PM: 92

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