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Micciano Bianco - Iovine 2015

This is a white wine from the the Sorrento Cost DOC IN THE Campania region. The producer is Iovine that we visited in January 2018 and more recently in May 2020 in Gragnano. It is a blend of Falanghina and Greco grapes ( Greco is mostly used in the Irpinia region ). The fruit was grown on a family historical site named Micciano ( the wine takes the name from this site). It is a 2015 vintage. It may be the longest this wine could age ( it was tasted in May 2020). The color is a deep yellow straw with golden highlights ( which represent the bottle aging ) the viscosity is medium high (14% abv). The nose shows a vibrant wine with lots of personality and a good complexity with notes of lemon zest, jasmine flowers, grape fruits and notes of vanilla ( the wine was aged in wood barrel ). The palate confirms the nose and presents a smooth wine, warm with a medium body a perfectly balanced acidity. The wine is a perfect pairing with white fish or any fatty fish ( the acidity is a good compromise with the fat ) or with pasta in pesto sauce or any shellfish sauce. PM: 88


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