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NATIV Blu Onice 2019

Blu Onice 2019 by Nativ is a remarkable wine that showcases the distinctive qualities of the Campania region in Italy. This wine is made from a blend of native grape varieties, including Aglianico and Piedirosso, which are known for their complexity and depth of flavor. The wine is dark ruby with purple highlights and a medium high viscosity (14% abv).

On the nose, Blu Onice 2019 offers an enticing bouquet of dark berries, black cherries, and plum, accompanied by subtle hints of tobacco and spice. The aromas are intense and inviting, promising a rich and rewarding experience.

On the palate , this wine reveals a harmonious balance between its vibrant acidity and velvety tannins. The flavors of ripe blackberries, cherries, and plums dominate the palate, with additional notes of licorice and dark chocolate adding depth and complexity. The wine's medium to full body contributes to its satisfying mouthfeel, further enhanced by its smooth and persistent finish.

Blu Onice 2019 is a wine that embodies the essence of the Campania region, showcasing the terroir and the skillful winemaking techniques of Nativ. It is a wine that can be enjoyed on its own, but also pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, such as grilled meats, aged cheeses, and hearty pasta dishes.

Overall, Blu Onice 2019 is a wine of exceptional quality and character. It combines the elegance of the native grape varieties with the craftsmanship of Nativ, resulting in a wine that is both sophisticated and approachable. Whether enjoyed now or aged for a few more years, Blu Onice 2019 promises to deliver a memorable and enjoyable wine experience.PM 93


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