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Terre Saracene Bianco 2016- Errore Sammarco- Costa D’Amalfi DOC - Ravello

This is a white wine from Amalfi Coast DOC in the Campania region. It is produced by Ettore Sammarco that we visited in August 2018. It is a blend of indigenous grapes such as Biancolella, Falanghina and Pepella. The wine is a deep yellow straw with golden highlights. The viscosity is medium high (13.5% abv). The nose is very inviting with notes of white flowers, white peaches and toasted almonds. The palate confirms the nose with a medium high body ( unctuous feeling in the mouth ) it has a medium high acidity, a high minerality and a medium persistence. It is a perfect pairing with any fish dish, we tatsted paired with a orata ( a Mediterranean excellent fish ) with potato; but it would be also a perfect pairing with white meat and soft cheeses. PM: 89


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