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Vigna Laure 2019, Cantine Di Marzo

This is a white wine made from Greco di Tufo. The producer is the iconic Cantine di Marzo which is considered the original producer of this classical Campania wine. We have visited this winery multiple times in Tufo near Avellino in Irpinia.

This wine is one of the Gran Cru of the producer, the names comes from the vineyard which is located at over 1300 feet and it only produces 5000 bottles. The vinification is made in steel vats with controlled temperature throughout the whole fermentation process. The wine is kept on lees for over 9 months to improve the overall complexity. The wine is yellow straw with golden highlights is traslucent and has medium high viscosity (13.5% abv). The nose is intriguing with notes of fennel, tyme and wild Mediterranean erbs. The palate confirms the nose with an ample wine, a full body a medium high acidity a very long persistency. In summary an excellent wine and a perfect pairing with any fish dishes and with cheeses and white meats given its strong acidity but also as aperitif. pm 9



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