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Wine Tasting Party

The Wine Tasting Party(Event)  will focus to the wines to be tasted.


It will introduce the regions where the wines are from, the specific wineries and how the wines compare with others in the region. Food pairing with the wine will be also discussed.


The tasting options are:

  • Vertical tasting - Same wines , different vintages.

    • The Vintages will be discussed and the impact on the wines.

  • Horizontal Tasting -

    • Multiple wines from the same winery or from the same Region. The Impact of the terroir on the varietal will be discussed.

  • Horizontal tasting of the same varietal across regions.

    • (Pinot Noirs from France, California, New Zealand, Italy, Germany).

    • The geographical differences of then regions which creates the different aromas. 

  • Regional Tasting:

    • Multiple wines from the same regions will be tasted.

The event can be hosted in a private home, a catering hall, a club or a restaurant as a private party.


The cost depends on the combination of the number of wines to be tasted and the number of  regions to be presented.

For any question and for reservations, please contact us.

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