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2014 Sorrentino Aglianico Don Paolo.

This is a red wine made from the Campania ubiquitous grape Aglianico. We visited the producer Sorrentino ( on the foothills of Monte Vesuvius ) in the summer 2020. Aglianico Grape here takes new nuances given the very vulcanic based terroir. The vineyard are truly just at the foot hills from The crater of the known Vulcano.

The wine is a deep ruby color with the rim

not true to the core ( given the aging in the bottle ), the viscosity is medium high 14% abv. The nose is exciting with a complex wine and notes of black berries, plums and licorice and spices. The palate confirms the nose with a full body medium acidity and soft tannins and a medium finish ( persistence ). In summary a good wine and a perfect pairing with baby goat, peas and potatoes that we had at Easter dinner in Naples. PM 92


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