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2016 “E’ Iss” Tenuta San Francesco - Tramonti

E’ Iss

This is a red wine from Tramonti a sub zone of the Amalfi Coast DOC. produced by Tenuta San Francesco. We visited this winery in August 2018 ( see the blog of the visit on www.thewinevoyager.con ). The wine is made with the Tintore grape a truly indigenous grape to Tramonti. It is a dark ruby with the core not true to the rim due to the 6 years aging in the bottle. The viscosity is medium high (13.5 abv). The nose is ample and complex with notes of black fruits ( blackberry ) and tertiary notes of tobacco and leather. The palate doesn’t disappoint with ample body a perfect harmonious acidity and velvety tannins which can benefit from more aging. In summary an excellent wine made from a pre-phylloxera vine ( over 150 years old ) a full body perfectly balanced and complex wine a perfect pairing with any meat dish and also with pizza as we did when tasted. PM 90


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