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2017 Domain Jean Chartron Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Clos De La Pucelle

This is a great wine from Pugny Montracet we visited this wine producer in 2019 during our visit to Bourgogne. The wine is exceptional.

In the glass, this 2017 Puligny Montrachet Clos De La Pucelle Premier Cru presents itself as a glistening golden elixir, hinting at the treasure trove of flavors it holds within.

On the nose, it is an exquisite ballet of aromas. The fragrance of freshly bloomed white flowers dances alongside subtle hints of honeysuckle and acacia, weaving a fragrant tapestry that beckons you closer.

The first sip is a revelation. This wine exhibits a perfect balance between richness and finesse. Layers of ripe orchard fruits, including crisp green apples and juicy pears, intermingle with a delicate touch of lemon zest, creating a harmonious melody on the palate.

Its minerality is the backbone of its elegance, offering a flinty, stony character that reflects the terroir of Puligny Montrachet with finesse. The oak aging is evident but restrained, imparting nuances of toasted hazelnuts and a whisper of vanilla, adding depth without overwhelming the fruit.

The finish is enduring and memorable, with a vibrant acidity that lingers gracefully, leaving a lasting impression of purity and refinement.

Overall, the Puligny Montrachet Clos De La Pucelle Premier Cru 2017 is a testament to the artistry of Burgundian winemaking. It's a wine that captures the essence of its terroir and vintage, offering a remarkable journey through the nuances of Chardonnay. This is a wine that demands attention and appreciation, deserving of a place among the finest Premier Crus of Burgundy. A true gem for any wine enthusiast's collection.PM 98.


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