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OTTO UVE GRAGNANO della penisola sorrentina

This is a wine from Salvatore Martuasciello new winery. Its  a lightly sparkling red wine from Gragnano a town on the border with Penisola Sorrentina. Otto Uve like the name says , is made with a blend of 8 red grapes of which Piedirosso is the largest presence. The wine is light ( 11.5%) of a light garnet color, its sparkling , the nose shows an incredible red berries aroma , like a fresh strawberry basket, interwined with a rose petals parfume. The palate confirms the nose with a low acidity , a good mouth fill and a medium finish. There is a lingering strawberry flavor.   A perfect match for a light fare ( pizza margerita a perfect one) 

or any pasta dish with red sauce.

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