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This is a Piedirosso from the vulcanic area of Roccamonfina , in the Caserta region. It is produced by Villa Matilde , one of the largest Campania producers. It is made from Piedirosso, an indigenous grape from Campania.

It is a medium intensity red color, clear and filtered with a medium low viscosity , sometime typical of this light red wine. (12.5% abv). The nose has a moderate intensity notes of fresh strawberries, raspberries and no sign of oak. Very fruit forward , being very young has no evident secondary aromas. The palate shows a bone dry wine of light body smooth acidity and soft tannins with a good balance among the components.  The palate confirms the nose with fresh strawberry flavor , very fruity . It has a very short finish. In conclusion a basic Piedirosso wine, very light  ,with no great expactations , an every day wine to pair with poultry, porks even pizza or white fish dishes. PM: 87

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