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MEMORIA- Primitivo di Manduria - 2016

This is a 2016 Primitivo di Manduria wine produced by a local cooperative. It shows a deep ruby color and the wine is clear. The color of the wine could lead you to think of a full bodied wine and the viscosity would point into the samw direction. The wine has 13.5% abv ...  Which could be on the low side for this type of wines .. The nose shows a very fruit forward wine with clwar notes of black fruits ( black berries and black cheery) in harmony with secondary aromas of licorice and aroma of  wet leaves. The nose also shows some use of old oak. The palate confirms the nose with a black fruit juice and licorice with some complexity but overall a simple wine. It has a medium A low body and medium low acidity  surrounded by soft tannins. The wine doesn't linger too long in the mouth. In conclusion a simple every day wine which some good and persistent aroma and medium low structure. Ot can be paired with any meat dish which would not overwhelm the wine already weak. PM :87

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