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Bodega Plaza Perdida

Gran Canaria

If you were non aware, the canary islands are wine producing country.  Located at a latitude of about 28 degrees, it seems improbable that the hot and humid Canary Islands could possibly produce quality wines; the vast majority of quality winemaking regions, after all, lie between 30 and 50 degrees latitude. Combined with rugged terrain, the potential for volcanic activity, and extreme winds, these conditions don’t exactly add up to the most ideal winemaking environment. But they do create one of the most exciting wine regions to emerge on an international stage in the past 10 years.

 As i spent a week long vacation on one of these sunny islands, i had the opportunity to visit some wineries. I have to confess that I was not overly impressed by their wines ... This one though caught my attention. Gran Canaria is known for its wide range of mesoclimates, allowing it to make a variety of wine styles. Unlike most of the other islands, however, it is primarily known for its red wines, particularly its specialty, Tinto del Monte, a powerful red made from Listan Negro in the former DO of El Monte Lentiscal. Gran Canaria wines can be difficult to find outside Spain, but the wines of Frontón de Oro are exported readily to the U.S.  

Bodega Plaza Perdida is a small winery with no much frills. This bottle is red wine with a very dark color, with purple

highlights , the viscosity is medium

high (13.5% abv). Its clear and filtered. On the nose persistent notes of black fruits ( although prunes was what immediately came to my mind together with fresh blackberries) , black licorice and almost a faded Banana notes right there in the background ( a possible reminder of a Carbonic Maceration). On the palate a long persitence with a medium body, smooth tannins and a medium balanced acidity. In conclusion a good every say wine with no frills like their wineries, a wine made with love and dedication. A perfect pairing with any juicy meat , game dishes and possibly ( hey I am a cheater  being here in Italy right now) with pasta with boar ragu. PM 88

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