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MICCIANO - Iovine 2013

This is a wine from the appellation “ Costa di Sorrento “ DOC in the Campania

region. It is a red wine with Aglianico and Piedirosso ( the two main Campania Grapes). Micciano is a little town in the Gragnano area which is very important to the producer IOVINE. The wine is a very dark ruby wine with purple highlights. It shows a clear bottle aging with the trim not true to its core. The viscosity is high ( with abv of 15%) given the very warm close to perfect 2013 vintage. The nose is an harmonious kaleidoscope  of black fruit, licorice , tobacco and leather. You can feel the oak in the background but in such subtle way. The palate confirms the nose with a full body wine and a smooth acidity and the tannins kept in check by the warmth of Piedirosso. The persistence is long with the wine that wants to stay in the mouth touching all the taste  buds .. the full body and the high alcohol makes this voluptuous wine a want it more ... Perfect pairing with meat, games and hard cheeses .. even almost a meditation wine. PM 95

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