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Chateau de Mulin a Vent 2011

Mulin a Vent is one the best appellation of Beaujolais. This region is usually known for the Nouveau wines that in US are often paired with thanksgiving dinner ( they are 1/3 of the production with over 50 millions bottles ). The grape is gamay. 

This wine is an excellent one, the color is light garnet with the rim not true to the core given the age in the bottle. The viscosity is medium high for this type of wine ( 13% abv). The nose has an harmonious collage of aromas with black cherry , wild strawberries and wet autumn leaves , and a floreal aroma of roses. The palate confirms the nose , showing a very elegant and refined wine with a medium body, warm and soft tannins and perfect balanced acidity and a long persistence which invites for more. The wine is at its peak , perfect for cheese , white meat and any delicate meat dinner .. skirt steak with mushrooms ..

A truly great wine .. that is close to a very good Pinot Noir ( in fact the wine from this appellation come very close to the best Pinot Noirs as they age ) , an extremely delicate and elegant wine to be tried with an everage cost of $35-$40 per bottle. Pm: 93

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