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Artus 2016 Mustilli

The Mustilli family goes back hundreds of years in the Italian wine producing industry. However it is only in the 60’ when Leornardo Mustilli decides to focus on the vinification of indigenous grapes to Santa Agata dei Goti and discover Falanghina del Sannio .. a grape which carries the same name of the ubiquitous grape of the Campania region but that manifests truly different characteristics. 

In their “Palazzo Mustilli” ( which I visited in September 2018) they produce great wines .. the palazzo is just beautiful and bring you back in time ... 

This wine is. Piedirosso del Sannio .. a Campania’s grape which find a different nuances in the Sannio region. This wine is from the 2016 vintage which is not a vintage for the ages .. a very hot promising summer was followed by a rainy September and October .. Despite this; the wine has a great ruby color , translucent;  almost reminds us of an Old world Pinot Noir. The viscosity is low ( indicating a low abv of 11.5% ) which I believe is the result of the rainy harvest. However the nose is intense with red fruits , like smelling a cup of fresh strawberries and fresh cherries. In the background you can also enjoy wet leaves and eartiness. The palate confirms the nose with a medium high persistence with a light body and great smoothness. The tannins are hardly perceivable. You can tell by drinking it that the wine is a great wine when you are looking for a replacement on old world Pinot Noir or if you want enjoy the wines from the Campania region with all they have to offer. It would be interesting to taste older vintages or the best more recent ones especially the 2018 which is going to be a vintage for the ages. so I will come back on this wine .. in a few months.

Enjoy this vintage with fish or white meat .. again light to match the wine. 

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