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Cantine Bonifacio - La Sfida 2013

The wine is from Cantine Bonifacio from the Vulture Region in Basilicata. They are from Venosa in the Potenza Province. At lower altitude than other Aglianico del Vulture wineries.  

The wine is a deep ruby color with signs of bottle aging as the rim is not true to the core. The viscosity is high; leading to a wine with a medium high alcohol (15%) and a good body. The nose presents us a smooth aromas of black fruit ( black cherry and blackberry) and a bouquet of violet and black pepper, you can feel the oak among all the secondary aromas. The palate confirms the nose, with a good persistence and a medium body and very smooth tannins, the acidity is hidden traded with the alcohol; a result of the lower altitude and a very hot year at harvest time. As a summary , this is surprisingly a very good wine with definitely a good value. PM 88

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