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2019 Cantina Ariano Sogno di Volpe Puglia Igt

Sogno di Volpe 2019, crafted by Ariano Winery in the Foggia province, is an enchanting expression of Italian winemaking. Made by Montepulciano grape. The wine presents a deep ruby hue, enticing the eye with its rich color. Its viscosity is medium (13% abv).

On the nose, the bouquet unfolds with a symphony of red and black berries, accompanied by subtle hints of violet and a touch of earthiness. The aromatic profile is both elegant and inviting, promising a complex tasting experience.

As the wine graces the palate, it reveals a harmonious blend of ripe cherries, blackcurrants, and a whisper of plum. The fruit-forward character is complemented by well-integrated tannins, providing structure without overpowering the senses. A nuanced touch of oak contributes to the wine's depth, offering a subtle layer of vanilla and spice.

Sogno di Volpe 2019 boasts a medium to full-bodied profile, showcasing a balanced acidity that adds vibrancy to each sip. The lingering finish is marked by a delightful interplay of fruit and gentle tannins, leaving a memorable impression.

This vintage from Ariano Winery exemplifies a thoughtful and skillful approach to winemaking, capturing the essence of the Foggia province terroir. Sogno di Volpe 2019 is a delightful journey for the senses, inviting wine enthusiasts to savor the artistry and flavors woven into each bottle.PM 89


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