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2019 Cantine di Marzo Greco di Tufo Vigna Ortale

This is a white wine from Campania. It is the iconic Greco di Tufo from the original producer Cantine di Marzo. It’s a Riserva and in its Prime. We visited this winery numerous time in Tufo the town that is also the Grand Cru of this grape. The wine is Pale straw-yellow with hints of green, suggesting youth and freshness its viscosity is medium high 13%abv. On the nose it showcases

Aromas of white flowers, particularly jasmine, mingle with ripe citrus notes such as lemon and grapefruit. Subtle hints of tropical fruits, like pineapple or peach, may add complexity. There might also be a delicate mineral undertone, reflecting the terroir.

The wine enters the palate with a crisp and vibrant acidity, providing a refreshing quality. Flavors of zesty lemon, green apple, and a touch of pear dance on the taste buds. There could be a distinct minerality, conveying the unique characteristics of the Greco di Tufo grape and the specific vineyard (Vigna Ortale).

Medium to full-bodied, showcasing a harmonious balance between the lively acidity and a certain richness. The wine may have a slightly oily or silky texture, contributing to a smooth mouthfeel.

The finish is persistent, leaving a lingering impression of citrus fruits, minerality, and perhaps a subtle herbal or almond nuance. If oak-aged, there might be a refined touch of vanilla or spice, enhancing the overall complexity. In

Summary a very good wine that is perfectly paired with fish dishes as we did. PM 90.

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