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Ruversa- 2015  Cantina Marilina

This is the new vintage of Ruversa from Cantine Marilina, a producer of biological wine near Noto in Sicily. The wine is from Nero D’Avola that find its origin in the Avola and Noto area. ( see my detailed description to their winery soon). We received the wine on its release not yet certified by local authorities to gain the “fascetta DOC”. The color is a deep ruby with purple highlights with a medium viscosity (13.5% abv). The nose shows a very fruit forward wine in its youth. Notes of black cherries, black currants and plums. No evident tertiary notes and no barrell added aromas because the wine is aged in concrete vats ( an old fashion way to age the wine in Italy). The palate show a exuberant wine with a medium body and well structured for further aging , a perfect minerality imposes by the terroir and the wine making technique, a voluptuous softness with a medium length which invites you for more. In conclusion a very good value wine produced biologically and naturally with good nerve and exuberance to be enjoyed with pastas with red sauces or sausage/ or white meat dishes. PM: 89

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