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Tifeo- Etna Bianco 2017 Gambino

This is an Etna Bianco wine from the Gambino producer in Linguaglossa ( CT) ( see my visit description.. soon ). It is made from Carricante and Cataratto. Carricante is the typical white grape that only grows on the Etna slopes. The wine has a straw yellow color with golden highlights, it has a medium viscosity. The nose presents inviting floreal notes of orange blossoms, red delicious apple and pear. It is very harmonious and as a kaleidoscope shows different nuances at every sniff. The palate confirms the nose .. with a medium body a perfectly balanced and refreshing acidity with a strong minerality. In summary an excellent white which reflects the typicity to its terroir. It can be enjoyed as aperitif or with any light meal. PM: 93

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