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Terredora diPaolo: Fiano di Avellino 2017

This is a wine from Fiano from the DOCG area of Avellino. ( see my blog series on Fiano and the Campania region). Terredora di Paolo is a winery which I haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet. However is one of the best known in Campania. This wine was straw yellow in color with medium viscosity (13%abv). On the nose it presents itself very fruit forward and complex with clear and persistent aromatic. Notes of lemon zest, pear and apple with a background of honey. The body is a full body with a very good persistence a medium high acidity well balanced with the other characteristics the finish has a very strong minerality almost sapid.  If chilled it can be a very refreshing wine at a regular temperatura 10C presents the kaleidoscope of all its aromas and bouquet. A wine to pair with oysters or with any light white fish dinner ( typical of  Campania .. like Orata all’acqua pazza , etc .) it could be drank also as aperitif. PM: 90

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