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Tramonti 2017 - Tenuta San Francesco

This is a white wine from the sub-zone of Tramonti in the Amalfi Coast DOC appellation. Tramonti is one beautiful area on the Lattari Costal Range which connects Salerno Province to Amalfi. A truly beautiful place. The wine is a blend of Falanghina, Pepella and Biancolella. It has a light straw yellow color, with a medium low viscosity (13% abv) in t is clear and filtered. The nose presents floral notes of jasmine, white peaches and lemon zest, secondary notes of thyme and fresh cut grass. The palate confirms the nose with a refreshing acidity a medium body and a medium persistence ( 4-6 sec). In conclusion a good refreshing wine and a good representation of a Tramonti white to be drank at 7-8 C and to be paired to Rombo fish with potatoes ( BranZino and potatoes as well) or linguine with mussels. Summer is coming stock  


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