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2020 Grottaia Bianco Caccia al Piano

Caccia al Piano Grottaia White Wine is a delightful offering from the renowned Bolgheri region in Tuscany, known for its exceptional super Tuscan wines. Crafted by the esteemed Caccia al Piano winery, our visit in 2018 introduced us to this gem.

This white wine is a blend of Vermentino grapes and Sauvignon Blanc (15%). Its appearance presents a light yellow straw color with captivating golden highlights. With a medium viscosity (13% ABV), it showcases the balance of body and elegance.

The nose is truly captivating, offering enticing notes of yellow peach, pineapple, and delicate floral hints of hawthorn. On the palate, the wine beautifully translates the aromatic experience, presenting a refreshing and complex profile. The aging process has added depth, while maintaining a perfect balance of acidity and a medium body. The wine’s persistence lingers, showcasing a strong minerality that adds to its overall appeal.

In summary, this white wine is a superb example that has preserved its vibrant vitality despite spending five years in the cellar. It was truly at its peak during our tasting. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice, both as a companion to a grilled fish dinner, as we experienced, and as an aperitif.

Pm 92.


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