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Allegrini. La Grola 2020

Tasting Notes for Allegrini's La Grola 2020:

Appearance: Allegrini's La Grola 2020 displays a deep ruby red color with purple hues, indicating its youth and vibrancy the viscosity is medium high 14% abv.

Nose: The nose is intense and inviting, with aromas of ripe dark fruits such as black cherry, blackberry, and plum, accompanied by hints of sweet spices, vanilla, and a touch of toasted oak.

Palate: On the palate, this wine is rich and velvety, with a full body ,the tannins are not smooth showing a wine which needs more time to age. Flavors of dark berries, currants, and a hint of licorice dominate, while notes of chocolate and coffee add complexity and depth to the wine.

Finish: The finish is long and lingering, with a pleasant warmth and a touch of sweetness that leaves a lasting impression. Overall, Allegrini's La Grola 2020 is a well-structured and elegant wine that combines the richness of a Valpolicella blend with the finesse and sophistication of a top-quality wine from the Veneto region. This wine needed more time to smooth up. PM 88


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