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Apicella - Tramonti Bianco 2020

This is a white wine from the producer Apicella in Tramonti ( Campania region). Tramonti is one of the three sub zones of the Costa di Amalfi Doc. I visited this winery numerous times between 2017 and last in December 2021. The wine is a blend of Falanghina and Biancolella two ubiquitous grapes in the Campania region. However their blend is unique to the Amalfi Coast whites sometimes with other very indigenous grapes. The color is yellow straw with some golden highlights and a medium viscosity (12.5% abv . The nose is exceptional with floral notes of jasmine , notes of citrus , pineapple and green apple. The palate confirms the nose with a very refreshing acidity and long persistence. in summary a very very good Wine especially for this vintage. it’s a perfect aperitif or to be paired with light fish dish or even a salad. PM 91


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